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In addition to the services provided by our outsourced 3rd parties; we also offer a wide range of services included in our flat monthly fee. These services include, but are not limited to:


Washer and Dryer




All Paid Utilities

Get in touch to find out more about our amenities.

Playing Foosball


Your Questions, Our Answers

How do I qualify?

  • $200 Non- Refundable Administrative/Cleaning Fee

  • $40.00 Application Fee

  • Valid Photo ID

  • Proof of Income (SSI, Medicaid/Medicare or other third party pay, as well as private pay)

  • Clean & Sober (at least 6 months) *

  • Background Check


*NOTE:  Each home may cater to a particular demographic. For example, one of our homes may be specifically for veterans. We may also have homes available that are gender or age-specific such as a co-living home for seniors, or women

Is there a waitlist to get in?

Due to the overwhelming demand, those seeking housing may be placed on a waiting list. Particularly during peak seasons.

What are the rental fees?

Monthly Dues are based on the neighborhood and costs associated with maintaining the property. Depending on the home, the rent amount may be slightly more or slightly less per bed or room. We will do our best to make it work for your client.

Is there a security deposit and/or application fee?

There is no security deposit required because we understand how difficult transitioning may be financially. We do require a NON-REFUNDABLE Administration/Cleaning Fee of $200 to help with common deep cleaning needs during the residency and upon move-out. Please note that additional fees will occur for damages created by the resident or their guests during their stay or upon move out. Requests to take damage cost out of the administration fee will not be honored nor accepted.

How do I pay my rent?

There are multiple ways to pay the cooperative living fees that are due either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. OakTree Community Homes, LLC accepts payment via money order, cashier's check, secured debit card, or credit card. We also work with 3rd party vendors to collect certain forms of payment. Please speak to staff directly for more information.

Will I have a private room?

OakTree Community Homes, LLC offers both private and semi-private rooms. Some people do better on their own, while others may enjoy roommates. Types of rooms are based on availability.

How long can I stay?

Your length of stay will depend on your individual needs. OakTree Community Homes do not have a time-limited program, thereby allowing flexibility for individuals to use our program as temporary housing or as more of a permanent home. Friends who stay at OakTree Community Homes are not leaseholders, therefore, a lease will not be signed. An OakTree Community Homes Cooperative Living Agreement (that outlines all the terms of the cooperative living agreement) will be discussed, reviewed, and signed by management and the resident. The  OakTree Community Homes Cooperative Living Agreement will also include other terms such as length of stay (month to month or longer periods) and the rent price for private/semi-private rooms.

Will I be allowed visitors or overnight guest?

Maintaining healthy relationships is pivotal to one's wellbeing, however, for the safety and comfort of all residents, visitors and overnight guests cannot be allowed. Only health care providers will be permitted inside of the home. To that end, we encourage staying connected to your loved ones via visits outside of the home or via technology.  *Please note: Due to the COVID 19 Pandemic, we are following Department of Health guidelines on safely opening our communities to healthcare providers. Therefore, such visits must be coordinated with our house managers. Please contact the community directly for more information. 

 Is there a curfew at the cooperative living home?

At OakTree Community Homes we want to support an individual and their goals toward self-sufficiency. We understand that that may include people having jobs or other obligations at different times of the day. Although we do not encourage a curfew, we do request that entering and leaving the home is at a minimum and with respect for the other residents' quiet, peace, safety and enjoyment of the home.

What is your policy on Alcohol Use?

OakTree Community Homes are dry communities. Therefore, using or bringing alcoholic beverages or unprescribed drugs into any of our homes is strictly prohibited. As outline in the OakTree Community Homes, LLC Cooperative Living Agreement, anyone found in violation of this policy may be asked to leave the home immediately.

Will I have access to the Internet and Cable TV?

Yes. You will have access to the internet and TV via our network connection. Emails and contacts from friends and families are an important part of staying connected. We encourage residents to maintain regular contact with family and friends.

Will I have access to a telephone?

Yes. You will have access to a phone, called a house phone. We encourage contact from friends and families, as it is an essential part of staying connected. We encourage open lines of communication.

What can I bring with me?

We want you to feel at home. You may decorate your room to make your bedroom feel comfortable. You may bring your books, electronics, etc. However, we strive to avoid clutter and are not responsible for lost, broken, or stolen items. It is advised to not bring anything that will not fit comfortably in the assigned storage spaces or anything very valuable to you.

Can I bring my own bed or furniture?

All the homes and rooms are fully furnished with beds, storage, and other comfortable home living items. Therefore, bulky items cannot be allowed. Individuals are welcomed to bring items such as room décor, books, small electronics, and games. We aim to be clutter-free, therefore, only bring items that will be able to fit into the designated storage space.

Can I bring my pet?

The love of animals is an amazing relationship, but we are unable to have residents bring their own pets with them. Some residents may have allergies to certain types of animals, making it exceedingly difficult to manage and to keep everyone safe inside the home.

Who is responsible for house cleaning?

Our Affordable Living homes are independent co-living environments. Every person must contribute to daily cleaning chores. We provide deep cleaning services twice a month. The House Manager typically lives in the home or on the property as a tenant and oversees the overall harmony in the household.

Can I smoke?

There will be NO smoking in our homes, however, there will be designated spaces for smoking outside.

If I decide to move out, will I be refunded my administrative fee?

We encourage growth and want individuals the ability to transition efficiently. We ask that you provide us with at least one week's notice if you plan to transition out of the home. This will also help us to provide a goodbye packet with community resources and best help support you on your departure. Since there is no required security deposit, the non-refundable administrative fee will not be returned and utilized to help prepare for the next resident who comes into the home.

How is OakTree Community Homes managing the COVID 19 Pandemic?

We are welcoming new residents to our communities across our organization every day. We have a dedicated team ready to listen and help you learn more about our communities. We’ve developed an easy process for move-in to ensure that your loved one is safe and comfortable. OakTree Community Homes is committed to the physical, social, and emotional well-being of those we serve.  To support our goal of reducing the transmission of the virus in our communities, we are partnering with our state health agencies for guidance on proactive testing for residents and team members. This testing is a helpful tool in identifying potential asymptomatic COVID-19 positive cases that may not otherwise be identified. *Please visit the Health and Safety page of our site for more information. 

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